PRESIDENT:                                     England Prairie Pioneer Club
Shelly Dukowitz                                    P.O. Box 221
(218) 296-2611                                     14229 County Road 1
                                                                 Verndale, MN  56481
VICE PRESIDENT:                        (218) 631-1345
Pam Roehl                                            (219) 402-1764

Brad Spear

Roxy Otto

Connie Cronquist
Bruce Brotherton
Michelle Nelson

SENIOR ADVISOR(S) to the board:  Shirley Rokes

HISTORIAN/Liason to Wadena County Historical Society:


Tractor Pull Committee:  Marietta Matthews     (218) 639-4511
Flea Market: Shelly Dukowitz  (218)  296-2611
England Prairie Pioneer Club originated in 1979 with a group of people who had a common interest in preserving the history and heritage of the local farming industry.  They officially organized in 1981 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit and membership continues to grow with members of all ages from an extended area in and around Wadena County, who have that common interest.  The aim is to collect, display and demonstrate tools and equipment used on farms over the years so that people not involved in farming can understand what farming was, and is , all about, and to help those still in the business to realize how their industry has grown and developed.

Members of the club has spent many, many volunteer hours of labor improving and developing the 65 acre farm site of the South edge of Wadena County; there are no paid staff or employees.  Expenses for maintaining and improving the grounds are covered through fundraising activities, donations and grants.  The main activity is a 2 1/2 day "Pioneer Days" event in August every year, including the antique tractor pull.  There are also Spring and Fall pancake supper fundraisers. 

The goal is to continue to expand our collection of memorabilia, to continue to improve the grounds, to continue to increase community interest in the club, and to utilize the beautiful grounds to their fullest potential.

England Prairie Pioneer Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Verndale, MN.

Farming:  Harold Matthews  (218) 640-0079