Registration starts @ 11:00 am
Mandatory Drivers Meeting @ 12:45 pm
First Hook @ 1:00 pm
NO Alcohol or Drugs
Family friendly
$5.00 per hook with 40% payout

8 -  12 HP       900 LBS        4000 RPM
14 - 18 HP    1000 LBS        4000 RPM
18 - 20HP      1150 LBS       4000 RPM
Mandatory weigh in.

Anything over 20 HP is considered stock altered.

No one under 12, age 12 - 18 must sign permission

Stock:  As it was purchased.
Pump gas only.
Pull in 1st or 2nd gear only.
Hitch height maximum 13-inches.
Hitch maximum distance back from center of axle 11 inches.
Mower decks are optional; must not be engaged at any time.
Turf tires or bar lug only.
Maximum tire size 26-12-12.
No dual wheels.
No 4x4s.
Must remain in seat and one hand on steering wheel during pull.
No jerking of the sled, chain must be tight when starting out.
Must have helmet.
The pull starts with the green flag, the pull is over at the red flag.

Lawn Mower Pull
England Prairie Pioneer Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Verndale, MN.